On the Path of Joy

The importance of love, compassion and charity
Happiness is a choice. Try it!

A book that speaks to every one of us, inspired by the spectacular world of bees. A journey in search of that which only true happiness can give us. When feelings, sounds and images crowd our minds, creating only confusion, we realise that we have lost our way. Finding it again is not easy, but it must be done, because this loss leaves us ill-at-ease. In the solitude of our search, in the silence of our suffering, we will discover that it is only by stopping to listen and opening our hearts to Love that we find ourselves on the path of Joy. A short story to awaken the power of compassion within you.

True happiness is a choice, not a fluke.

An inspirational book for individuals, families and organizations.

Available on Amazon in kindle edition and paperback 

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